Thermal Data for Natural and Synthetic Fuels by Gaur

By Gaur

"Presents a hundred samples of natural elements characterised below exact stipulations by way of thermogravimetry (TG) and differential thermal research (DTA) as well as proximate analysis-providing exact info crucial in learn and engineering functions with regards to gas guidance. Discusses nonisothermal kinetic recommendations, mathematical versions, and different parameter estimation tactics that facilitate the extrapolation of effects bought below numerous conditions-including the Gaur and Reed strategy, a big increase in realizing the kinetics of thermal data!"

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2 9 . Velocity profiles in combustion chamber of turboj et engine (with cold blast) according to Mikhaylov's data [1 8J . - A o • • } I LYseCtioD V YI m . . ) ':�. ,' ing to A bramovteh (lee , . F 11:. 1 . 8) I . ,' �. /. �---�----_r-. 6.... £ ---+----�--� II ';of 1 Fig. 1 . 3 0 . Dimensionless surplus velocity profile in initial sections of turboj et engine combustion chamber according to lVIikhaylov' s data [1 8J . corresponds t o a case in which m = 0 . 3 8 . 3 2 plots data from Figure 1 .

The conc entration of carbon was determined in two ways: by chemical analysis of a gas sample taken from the j et and by processing photographs taken with an interferometer. Both methods produced virtually the same results (the discrepancy was the same as the spread of points in the chemical method, which did not exc eed 3% of the local concentration on the j et axis) . As can be s een from F igure. 16, pas ses very close to the concentration field profile. l x is the differenc e b etween the local conc entration of the admixture in the j et and the concentration of the same admixture b eyond the j et) .

We shall consider only the first four, which are most widely used and successful. Prandtl' s "old" theory of free turbulence wa s published in 1925 , and Tollmien applied it in 1 9 2 6 to solve the following three problems c oncerning the propagation of free mixed jets of an incompre ssible fluid [24J : 1. The boundary layer of an infinite plane-parallel jet, 2 . Parallel jet issuing from a very narrow orifice , 3 . Axially symmetric jet is suing from a very small orifice . In 1 9 2 9 - 1 9 3 0 , Swain [26J and Schlichting [27J extended Prandtl' s theory of free turbulence to the case of wake flow behind a stream­ lined body and worked out the laws of flow in axially symmetric ( Swain) and plane ( Schlichting) wake s applicable at flow cros s sections, remote from the body.

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