Performance and Durability Assessment. Optical Material for by Michael Köhl, Bo Carlsson, Gary Jorgensen and A.W. Czanderna

By Michael Köhl, Bo Carlsson, Gary Jorgensen and A.W. Czanderna (Eds.)

Content material:

, Pages v-viii, Michael Köhl, Bo Carlsson, Gary Jorgensen, A.W. Czanderna
List of Contributors

, Page ix
Chapter 1.1 - creation to the functionality and sturdiness review of Optical fabrics for sunlight Thermal Systems

, Pages 3-16, B. Carlsson, G. Jorgensen, M. Köhl
Chapter 2.1 - Optical homes and Measurements

, Pages 19-55, A. Roos
Chapter 2.2 - functionality versions of sunlight creditors and Systems

, Pages 57-70, U. Frei
Chapter 2.3 - approach functionality and Testing

, Pages 71-84, U. Frei, H. Oversloot
Chapter 2.4 - functionality standards and Criteria

, Pages 85-90, M. Köhl
Chapter 2.5 - functionality Indicators

, Pages 91-94, M. Köhl, M. Köhl, G. Jorgensen
Chapter 3.1 - Environmental tension Conditions

, Pages 97-100, M. Heck, M. Köhl
Chapter 3.2 - Measurements of Environmental rigidity stipulations and evaluate for carrier lifestyles Prediction

, Pages 101-110, S. Brunold, B. Carlsson, okay. Möller
Chapter 3.3 - overview of the tension Conditions

, Pages 111-124, M. Heck, M. Köhl
Chapter 3.4 - Correlation among Microclimate and Macroclimate

, Pages 125-137, Ole Holck, M. Heck, Michael Köhl
Chapter 4.1 - common Methodology

, Pages 141-145, B. Carlsson
Chapter 4.2 - preliminary possibility research of power Failure Modes

, Pages 147-157, B. Carlsson
Chapter 4.3 - Qualification Testing

, Pages 159-173, B. Carlsson
Chapter 4.4 - sped up Indoor Testing

, Pages 175-195, S. Brunold, M. Köhl, ok. Möller, B. Carlsson
Chapter 4.5 - carrier lifestyles Prediction from result of sped up Aging

, Pages 197-224, B. Carlsson
Chapter 4.6 - Nonmechanistic Phenomenological remedy of Glazings and Reflectors

, Pages 225-234, G. Jorgensen
Chapter 4.7 - outside publicity Testing

, Pages 235-253, G. Jorgensen
Chapter 4.8 - Analytical recommendations for learning sunlight fabrics Degradation Processes

, Pages 255-270, ok. Möller
Chapter 5.1 - Rain Tightness

, Pages 273-278, O. Holck, S. Svendsen
Chapter 5.2 - Optimization of the air flow fee in Flat-Plate Collectors

, Pages 279-287, M. Heck, V. Kübler, M. Köhl
Chapter 5.3 - guidance for proscribing Environmental pressure components in Glazed, Ventilated sun Collectors

, Pages 289-296, O. Holck, S. Svendsen
Chapter 5.4 - Modeling of Microclimates

, Pages 297-326, O. Holck, S. Svendsen
Chapter 5.5 - air flow price checking out Procedure

, Pages 327-335, O. Holck
Chapter 6.1 - Screening assessments of Candidate Polymeric Glazings

, Pages 339-348, G. Jorgensen
Chapter 6.2 - Case learn on Polymeric Glazings

, Pages 349-387, G. Jorgensen, S. Brunold, B. Carlsson, M. Heck, okay. Möller

, Pages 389-395

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35) and Three scans are required for samples that scatter the transmitted light. The detected signals are Fref, Ftot, and Fdiff in complete analogy with the reflectance case. The corresponding diffuse and specular transmittance values are '^ tot spec — f" dirt 77 Fref //^ T ^ x l^--^' / Another mode of operation is possible for transmittance measurements. A specular mirror can be used instead of covering the reflectance sample port with a diffuse reflectance standard. In this mode, the specular exit port for the reflectance mode is used for the separation between specular and diffuse components.

1-20. Example of an integrating sphere showing the optical paths for the sample and reference beams. From reference Ronnow and Roos (1994). are being measured. Low levels for the integrating sphere mean scattering from a few percent to the detection limit, which is a few tenths of a percent. Another source of error is the beam dump that is used in some measurements. This is often a black cone or wedge. The reflectance of a beam dump is not identically zero but is about a few tenths of a percent.

The reflectance of the sample is obviously identical in the two cases and taking the ratio between ^2 and Sx gives the function F, which is then a measure of how much the signal from the back surface reflection of a sample is reduced because of the parallel shift in the beam. 1-8. In the general case when both surfaces are coated with an unknown coating, this is not possible, but when one of them may be calculated from known optical constants, this separation can be performed and the R2 component can be corrected using the correction function F.

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