Moebius 4 - The Long Tomorrow & other science fiction by Jean Girard (Moebius), Dan O'Bannon, Philippe Druillet

By Jean Girard (Moebius), Dan O'Bannon, Philippe Druillet

Moebius four - The gathered Fantasies of Jean Giraud
The lengthy day after today & different technological know-how fiction stories

ISBN# 0-87135-281-8

From web page 6 (By Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier):
The Mindscapes of technology Fiction

"A new planet slowly comes into view of a major starship.

A lonely deepest eye stalks the teeming throngs of an most unlikely metropolis.

A seriously armored spaceman carefully explores the craggy panorama of an alien world.

Today, some of these photos, and extra, became generic to us via a few large funds, lighting tricks encumbered technology fiction photos, comparable to Star Wars, Blade Runner, the Star Trek sequence, Alien, Aliens and Enemy Mine.

But, in truth all of it begun with the written notice. In technological know-how fiction magazines equivalent to “Amazing”, “Astounding”, “F & SF”, “Startling Stories” and “Galaxy”, such giants as lsaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Clifford D. Simak, Jack Vance and Robert Sheckley used the ability of the written note to take us at the exploration of incredible new vistas. In essence, those males, and so forth, have been growing the 1st mindscapes of technological know-how fiction.

They have been ably assisted of their projects through a bevy of particularly gifted illustrators, reminiscent of Frank R. Paul, one of many first and the best, Virgil Finlay, Ed Emshwille, Frank Kelly Freas, etcetera. those artists have been the 1st to imagine the mindscapes of technological know-how fiction.

The tales accrued during this voume have been initially released within the early 1970's. a few of them are offered right here in colour for the first actual time. yet all of them owe an excellent debt to those pioneers. certainly, they symbolize a type of hyperlink, or transition, among their mindscapes and today’s up to date models, popularized by means of the flicks indexed above.

For instance, in Blade Runner you can find greater than mere echoes of The lengthy Tomorrow. And, for those who glance heavily on the first panel of web page 11 of that very same tale someplace within the heritage, you can find the muse for the Imperial probe of The Empire moves Back.

Each new release hence conitributes to the final enrichment of the mindscapes of technology fiction."

Dan O'Bannon is credited because the author of "The lengthy Tomorrow". Philippe Druillet is credited because the author of "Approaching Centauri"

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May and ought to govern his opinions and actions, we need not be troubled that some other things escape our knowledge. —John Locke To San Miguel, and those who came. Prologue THE MOVEMENTS OF HER EYES It started on that frozen world, among the stone figures in their almost suspended animation. Through her eyes, the irises two salmon moons under a luminous white brow, like fissures in the world of rules, of logic. The starship's mind watched through the prism of their wonder, and began to make its change.

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Isaah's gamble had apparently paid off. He had stayed ahead of the widening ripples of news about the ocean planet's election. The economic Shockwave wasn't here yet. He felt the heady thrill of a scoop, of secret knowledge that was his alone. It was like prognostication, a glimpse into the future. Elements extracted by giant turbine from that distant world's oceans were also mined from this system's asteroid belt. Soon, everyone here would be incrementally richer as the ocean planet pulled its mineral wealth from the Expansion common market.

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