Fighting Fantasy - Seas Of Blood

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Demoralized by this turn of events, your crew drop the rams and flee, running at breakneck pace for the Banshee, as the angry warrior priests burst from their castle in hot pursuit. You reach the ship safely, hoist sail and head off down the coast. Turn to 123. 59-60 59 Business is extremely poor. By the end of the day, you have sold so few of your captives that you are forced to sell the remainder to a dubious slaver for only 5 Gold Pieces each. Multiply the number of slaves you had by five and add the total to your Booty as Gold Pieces.

Abdul is, without a doubt, the greater pirate. You have lost the wager. 51-52 51 The Banshee stops almost dead in the water, while your crew try ineffectually to rehoist the sail. One of the enormous war galleys bears down on your craft, impales the Banshee on its ram, and breaks its back. You and your crew fall into the shark-infested waters. Your adventure is over. 52 Reaching the pass, you look down the further slope, and spy a tower of the fortress some miles away. A sudden cry of anguish or fear flies out of a nearby steeply climbing, snow-filled ravine.

The Cyclops recovers first, grabs you by the arm and lifts you into the air. Will you: Kick it in the shoulder? Kick it in the armpit? Back-hand it in the elbow? Turn to 251 Turn to 305 Turn to 145 30 The cry comes again, rolling eerily down the mountain slopes. You head up the ravine, towards the source of the sound. Will you take your crew with you (turn to 160), or creep along alone (turn to 138)? ' cries the ghost. ' He turns a wrathful eye upon you and sweeps his hand in despair. ' Lose 2 points of LUCK and 1 point of SKILL.

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