Fighters Defending the Reich by Bryan Philpott

By Bryan Philpott

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Early in the October of that year, on St. 35 In 1260, back in France, he held his first Gen� eral Chapter, on the 23rd May, at Narbonne. Here were drawn up the Constitutiones Narbonenses, upon which we shall frequently have to draw; here, too, he was asked to write a Life of St. Francis to put an end to the controversy kept alive in the Order by the existence of several different and to some extent contradictory lives. He wrote the Legenda major S. Francisci and the Legenda minor in 126 1, but by way of preparation he went first to Italy, to Assisi, then again to Mount Alvernia, consulting such of the Saint's first companions as were still surviving.

The Commentary on the Sentences contained, virtually or actually, all the ultimate lines along which his thought was to develop: the continuity of its evolution is thus beyond question, but the reality of this evolution is not less so. In proportion as he saw the new doctrine of Albert and Thomas developing before his eyes, he attained to a deeper consciousness of what was character� istic and specific in the tradition for which he stood: his Augus� tinianism plunged its foundations deeper and more solidly as the threat against it grew.

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