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They do this by looking at tiny drops is there. That is a sign that the kidneys are of urine with a microscope. Cells and blood not working properly, or that there is too are signs of injury or infection somewhere much sugar in the bloodstream. Laboratory in the urinary system. How the Excre tor y System Works In order to function properly, our cells must live in a nearly neutral environment—just a bit on the basic side, actually. Neutral means that the amount of acids and bases are just about equal, and they cancel each other out.

Wear cotton underwear whenever possible, because human-made fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, keep moisture against the body. • When you have the urge to urinate, do not wait too long. Urine flow washes bacteria out of the urethra. 62 Ca ri ng for Your Excre tor y S ystem Using soap when washing your body is essential, but certain chemicals in some soaps can irritate parts of your excretory system. When washing, always use a gentle cleanser, rinse well, and make note of any reactions you may have.

DI ABE T E S AN D K IDN E YS The illness called diabetes mellitus (diabetes for short) is not really a disease of the excretory system, but the kidneys are involved. Diabetes is a condition in which the body cannot properly control how much sugar is in the bloodstream. Although everybody must have a bit of sugar in the blood— because it fuels cells’ activities—too much sugar is dangerous. The excess collects inside blood vessels, and it also seems to have something to do with plaque formation. People with diabetes have poor blood circulation because of the clogged and damaged vessels.

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