Evaluating Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Effectiveness: by Linda Carter Sobell

By Linda Carter Sobell

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In fact, the pri­ mary purpose of this study was to develop an index of physical fitness. The sub­ jects were 214 men admitted to an inpatient treatment program for alcoholics; more than 90% of these men were diagnosed as gamma (Jellinek, 1960) alcoholics, and most were evaluated as having poor physical fitness. In addition to treatment based on a sociopsychological model of alcoholism, the treatment program also in­ cluded a physical fitness component. At admission and discharge to the program, subjects were tested on the 13 scales of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) and on four measures of physical fitness.

Involvement with personal problems Emotional Functioning Foster, Horn ξ Wanberg, 1972 Faillace, Flamer, Imber ξ Ward, 1972 Study Change in psych­ ological symptoms Katz, 1966 Lai, 1969 Kolb, Gunderson £ Bucky, 1976 Khoury £ Pearson, 1961 Psychological evaluation Kaplan, Blume, Rosenberg, Pitrelli ξ Turner, 1972 Jongsma, 1970 Johnson, 1969 Organization of thought Concept formation § abstract thinking ability Accommodation Readmission to alcohol rehabil itation Amount of time institution­ alized No.

1962) did not conduct statistical analyses of their data and their design had many limitations, the data do suggest a correlation between lessened drinking problems and improved functioning. However, those data are not what contribute to the importance of this article. Rather, the report's impact has derived from data on the association of abstinence with a global mea­ sure of psychological adjustment. Despite the fact that we have chosen not to re­ port on global outcome measures, we deem it appropriate to make an exception in this case, because of the influence these data have had on evaluations of alcohol­ ism treatments.

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