Ethylene in Plants by Chi-Kuang Wen

By Chi-Kuang Wen

This e-book makes a speciality of fresh advances in our realizing of the sign transduction pathway of ethylene, its interplay with different hormones and its roles in organic strategies. It discusses at which aspect vegetation may have obtained ethylene signaling from an evolutionary viewpoint. Ethylene used to be the 1st gaseous hormone to be pointed out and triggers a number of responses in larger vegetation. Our seize of ethylene signaling has quickly extended over the last 20 years, due partly to the isolation of the elements concerned about the sign transduction pathway. The ebook deals a precious consultant for plant scientists and graduate scholars in comparable components.

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1998). A genomic DNA library was screened at low stringency with ETR2 as a probe, and clones positive at low but not high stringency belong to two genes. One of them was found to be EIN4, multiple alleles of which had previously been genetically identified as ethylene-insensitive mutants. All three ein4 alleles had missense mutations in the N-terminal domain of EIN4. The second gene was named ERS2 because it encodes a protein without a receiver-like domain similar to ERS1. No ethylene response mutants mapped to the ERS2 genomic region.

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