Elvis Presley: A Biography (Greenwood Biographies) by Kathleen A. Tracy

By Kathleen A. Tracy

Almost 30 years after his demise, Elvis Presley is still the most influential performers and well-known popular culture icons across the world. His then-unprecedented musical style-a fusion of blues, nation, pop, bluegrass, and gospel-ushered within the age of rock n' roll and cleared the path for generations of musicians and singers to stick to. This biography will supply a seldom obvious glimpse into the lifetime of Elvis, tracing his relations existence, musical occupation, motion pictures, and legacy. the quantity closes with a timeline and bibliography.

Not merely did Elvis herald a brand new style of song, he additionally got here to symbolize the starting to be dissatisfaction youth had with the mores and conventions of the restrictive Fifties. At a time whilst the head pop stars have been Pat Boone and Andy Williams, Elvis' blatant sensuality on level and his smoldering presence off it made him the anti-establishment poster boy. This biography bargains a seldom visible glimpse into the existence and occupation of Elvis, tracing his kin existence, musical occupation, motion pictures, and legacy. at the present time, the King lives on in well known culture-on best 20 lists, in movie and tv, at the radio, in our on-line world, and sure, even within the numerous performances through Elvis impersonators through the world.

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That fall, Elvis was hired as an usher at Loew’s State movie theater in downtown Memphis. 75 a week. He gave most of his paycheck to Gladys, but always saved a little for himself in a secret stash fund to buy clothes or a cheeseburger and fries after school. But eventually he was forced to quit the job when his grades began falling and teachers again complained that he was sleeping through class. A year later, during his junior year, school officials stepped in yet again when they discovered Elvis was working a full-shift job from three to eleven while both his parents were unemployed.

From where Elvis sat in late 1948, as the dirt swirled in the winter wind across the barren fields, the coming year seemed indistinguishable from the ones preceding it. So nothing could have prepared Elvis—or his parents— for what would be a year of abrupt change, renewed hope, and dashed expectations. Although only in her thirties, Gladys moved like someone twice her age. Poor nutrition combined with her increased drinking had taken a sharp physical toll. Most days found Gladys hung over and suffering from nausea and splitting headaches.

Although Elvis was still thin, he was filling out and growing into his features. Even though his speech and grammar were still rough, his voice was changing and gaining a silky resonance that he was learning to use to its full advantage. Elvis enjoyed shopping and loved browsing through racks of old and out-of-date shirts, jackets, and pants at thrift shops and secondhand stores. It didn’t matter if there were a few holes or tears, because Gladys was still a whiz with a needle and thread. His wardrobe reflected a style that was as startling as his hair: pink shirts matched with green pants and a striped jacket, plaids and polka dots freely mixed.

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