Electrons and Chemical Bonding by Harry B. Gray

By Harry B. Gray

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2-16) giving 45 Diatomic Molecules This result shows that the antibonding molecular orbital is less stable than the bonding molecular orbital by an amount equal to - 2P. An electron in the u* molecular orbital has only a small probability of being found in the energetically favored overlap region. Instead it is confined to the extreme ends of the molecule, which are positions of high energy relative t o the middle of the molecule. It is convenient to show the relative molecular-orbital energies in a is shown in Fig.

I ; , . ' I 1 qt A , $ , ' I . ',. energy curve such as that shown in Fig. 2-2. The energy of the system falls until the H a b repulsion at very short ranges forces the energy back up again. The minimum in the curve gives both the most stable internzlclear separation in the Hz moleczlle and its gain in stability over two isolated H atoms. One of the early successful pictures of a chemical bond involving electrons and nuclei resulted from the work of the American physical chemist, G. N.

Start at top left on the chart. There is a microstate with M L = 1, M s = 1. This microstate may be considered the parent of a state that has L = 1, S = 1, or 3P. From Eqs. (1-40) and (1-41), we see that a term with L = 1 and S = 1 has all possible combinations of M L = 1,0,- 1 and M s = 1,0,- 1. Therefore, a 3P state q u s t have, in addition to the M L = 1, M s = 1 microstate, microstates with M L = 0 , M s = 1; M L = -1, M s = 1; Mr, = 1, M s = O ; M L = 0 , M s = O ; M L = -1, Ms = O ; M L = 1, M s = -1.

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