El error by César Aira

By César Aira

En esta novela, las anécdotas se encadenan unas con otras formando un laberinto narrativo. Las aventuras del bandolero protagonista de una saga literaria que causa furor entre las presidiarias; l. a. historia del crimen, huida y captura de una mujer que mató a su marido y que estuvo a punto de librarse de los angeles perpetua; l. a. existencia azarosa de un escultor que lo perdió todo y que sirvió de inspiración a una mujer en el peor momento de su vida; las disputas cotidianas de una pareja y los angeles indiferencia de sus anfitriones, que durante un paseo por un jardín encuentran por casualidad l. a. exposición de un artista desconocido. Y para empezar, los angeles historia del narrador, que como el lector, entra por una puerta, llámese cubierta, que está presidida por un cartel con los angeles sugerente inscripción: El mistakes.

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Sunset crimsoning treetops, he saw a cardinal, vivid red amid red leaves and heard the mournful cry he had heard, the day of his arrival, his cousin dragging him upstairs to her room and, eager to teach a cousin she could boss around and hug like a younger brother, opening the book a teacher had loaned, for studying about stories Granny told, Granny knowing them from her mother's mother's telling. " From dreaming of his teen-age cousin and, in dream, beginning to grow toward loving a woman, Seek woke, seeing sunset clouds like wings huddling against the chill of coming nightand feeling the delicate buzzing of hummingbirds drawn again and again to ears glowing in the lower and lower sun.

Hungry, sleepy and tired, rifle bruising skin against Page 23 shoulder bone, Seek imagined himself a soldier, tough enough to take whatever fate dished out, and he didn't complain, though the trail twisted ever more steep, their climb so slow the sun passed them, losing itself in tall pines and emerging again in narrow clearings Shawnee Gas had cut to bury its pipes. They drank from the creek's source, a clear spring, which Seek's uncle called a "branch," then plunged into bushes, whose tiny black berries had dried hard as shotgun pellets, the path so choked Seek could only guess it from his uncle's footfalls ahead.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Page v To my comrade writer and wife of twenty-nine years, Ingrid Wendt; to my children, Jeff, Brian, and Martina; to my grandsons, Connor and Travis; and to all of my people, the living and the dead, with love. Page vii If men had obeyed Thunder's sons and brought Redbird back from The Land of the Dead, there would be no death; but now, when our loved ones die, we can never bring them back. Page ix Contents A World That Is 3 Saving Money, Saving Life: Cherokee Naming Ceremony 5 A Little Shirt-Tail Boy and a War Between Two Wars 10 To Take Life, to Kill 19 An Aqueduct of Sky 39 The Doctor of Doctors, a Doctor's Mother's Mother's Tale 42 The Head of Lincoln on a Railroad Rail 54 A Good Indian Resurrected 62 Bronze Star Below a Ribbon, a Purple Heart 72 Red Gob, Mizzenmast Ghost, and George Washington Girl 78 So Big 91 Sunday Every Day 100 A Tsalagi History of Wah Wah Two 105 The Fragrance of a Flower 112 A Good Day 117 Killer on the Loose 124 Steel Wheel, Steel Blade: Another, Lost, Indian War 134 The Penny Rebellion: Another, Lost, Indian War 140 An Enemy Rifle, an Old Trail 153 A Gleaming Gold Edge 161 The Descendant 168 Page x Four Arrows: Another, Lost, Indian War 173 Hoopa, the White Deer Dance 180 Silver Bass and an Alligator Gar: A Family Reunion 195 A Tunnel to God 204 A Week of Saturdays 213 Surviving a War 225 The Last Rattlesnake Throw 232 K-I-L-L 239 Page 3 A World That Is Blaze hurled me into dark, and Thunder told Earth, which had kept me from starving for fifteen years, a storyended, almost, before I'd understood a wordthe story from which all stories begin.

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