Dynasties of the World: A Chronological and Genealogical by John E. Morby

By John E. Morby

This new reference is a accomplished consultant to the main monarchies of the area from historical Egypt to the current day. the most textual content comprises truly designed chronological tables, in vast geographical groupings, starting off monarchs' names and years of rule, different titles, lineages, and actual sobriquets; the e-book additionally contains info on abdications, depositions, interregna, regencies, and co-regencies. aiding notes talk about chronological difficulties and assets, calendars and relationship structures, margins of mistakes, assets and extra studying. the results of copious study in lots of languages and contributions from various students, this booklet is the main actual, trustworthy, and updated paintings of its style on hand, useful for students, scholars, librarians, and basic readers.

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Cocceius Nerva) Trajan (M. Ulpius Trajanus) Hadrian (P. Aelius Hadrianus) Antoninus Pius ('1'. Aurelius Fulvus Boionius ·\rrius Antoninus) Lucius Vcrus (L. Aurelius Vcrus) :\1arcus Aurelius (M. Aurelius Antoninus) Commodus (:\1. Aurelius Commodus Antoninus) (son; co­ regent! 77) Pertinax (P. Hclvius Pcrtinax) Didius Julianus (M. Didius Severus Julianus) The Severi 193- 2II 2II 211- 21 7 217- 218 218 218-222 222-235 Septimius Severus (L. Septimius Severus) Geta (L. or P. Scptimius Geta) (son; co-regent 209) CaracaHa (M.

Edinburgh, 1973-87). Smallwood, E. , The Jews under Roman Rule: /Yom Pompey to Diocletian (Leiden, 1976). The Roman and Byzantine Worlds 49 PERSIA: THE SASANIDS Sasanid Dynasty 224- 241 241- 272 272 ~-273 273- 276 276- 2 93 293 293-302 302-309 309-379 379-3 83 383-3 88 388 -399 399-420 420 -438 43 8 -457 457-459 459-484 484-488 488 -497 497-499 499-53 1 53 1-579 579-59 0 590-59 1 590- 628 628 628-630 630 63 0 - 63 1 63 1- 632 ArdashIr I (son or descendant of Sasan; king of Persis; conquered Iran 224) Shapiir I (son; co-regent 240) Hormizd I (son) Bahram I (brother) Bahram II (son) Bahram III (son; deposed) Narseh (son of Shapiir I) Hormizd II (son) Shapiir II (son) ArdashIr II (nephew; deposed) Shapiir III (son of Shapiir II) Bahram IV (son) Yazdgard I (son) Bahram V, the Wild Ass (son) Yazdgard II (son) Hormizd III (son) Peroz (brother) Balash (brother; deposed) Kavad I (son of Peroz; deposed) Zamasp (brother; deposed) Kavad I (restored) Khusrau I, AniishIrvan (son) Hormizd IV (son; deposed) Bahram VI, ChobIn (usurper; deposed) Khusrau II, the Victorious (son of Hormizd IV; deposed, died 628) Kavad II, Shlroe (son) Ardashlr III (son) Shahrbaraz (usurper) Boran (daughter of Khusrau II) Azarmedukht (sister; pretenders and rival kings in various parts of the empire) Yazdgard III (nephew; Arab conquest of the Sasanid empire 651) NOTES Chronology, Calendar, and Dating The basic treatment of Sasanid chronology is still that of Noldeke, 400-36.

XXXV; for Hiero II, Walbank, I, 54-5. Olympiad years have been rounded off to the nearest Julian equivalents. Names and Titles The word tyrannos meant simply an unconstitutional ruler, and was not an official designation; Dionysius I and his successors had the title strategos autoerator, or general with supreme power. BIBLIOGRAPHY Be1och, K. , 4 vols. , Strassburg and Berlin, 1912-27). , The Sicilian Colony Dates (Albany, NY, 1970) (Studies in Chrono­ graphy, I). Walbank, F. , Oxford, 1957-79).

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