Donavan by Diana Palmer

By Diana Palmer

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She was tired of having Sean thrown at her, and she’d rebelled, running out the door to her car. It had been almost comical, bowlegged Uncle Henry rushing after her, huffing and puffing as he tried to match his bulk to her slender swiftness and lost. She hadn’t known where she was going, but she’d wound up at the bar. Fate had sent her there, perhaps, to a man who made her see what a docile child she’d become, when she was an independent woman. Well, things were going to change. Starting now. Donavan had fascinated her.

He cocked an eyebrow. ” he teased. “Exactly. ” There was the faintest movement of his eyelashes. He averted his gaze to a point beyond her head. He couldn’t admit that it bothered him, thinking of her with other men. She was a debutante and filthy rich, surely there had been a steady stream of suitors. She might have more experience even than he did. He’d never thought about a woman’s past before. It had never occurred to him to wonder how experienced his lover of the evening actually was. But with Fay, he wondered.

She lowered her eyes to the hard chest that had pillowed her head while they danced. ” “Don’t get any ideas,” he murmured dryly, flicking a long strand of hair away from her face. “I’m not looking for complications or ties. Not ever. Your world and mine wouldn’t mix. ” “You just told me to,” she pointed out, lifting her face to his. “Not in my direction,” he emphasized. He smiled at her. The action made him look younger, less formidable. ” She sighed. “I guess I should. ” she added with lifted eyebrows.

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