Dinosaurs by Anna Pomaska

By Anna Pomaska

Книжка-раскраска для детей - Динозавры

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Kate is will cry if is is a good baby; but she she is hurt, or if she not well. Bess likes to sit near the baby, and to rock her in the crib. -REVIEW. Henry Black and Ned Bell live near our house. They go to school, and I see them go by each day with their books and slates. Miss May tells the girls and boys that they should be at the schoolhouse when the bell rings. So Henry walks fast, and is first at school. He is a good boy. McG UFFE Y'S PItlMER. 47 and wants to keep the rule of the school. Ned is not a good boy.

Off. to the ECLECTIC SERIES. 28 LESSON XXIII. soon neck way one (wun) bell their oo The sun will soon set. The cows are on their way to the barn. One neck. old cow has a bell on her She sees our dog, but she will not run. Our dog is kind to the cows. McGUFFEY'S PRIMER. 29 LESSON XXIV. brave if ship boat drown men rock save The ship has run on a Five If men the rock. are on the ship. boat can not get them, they will drown. The boat has brave men in They will to it. save the five men. ECLECTIC SERIES.

The boat has brave men in They will to it. save the five men. ECLECTIC SERIES. -REVIEW. Come. boys, and feed the cows. The sun has set, and they are */ at the barn. Sue has a her pet cat.. bell on the neck of One hot day Ann and Nell sat on the grass in the shade of a big tree. dolls, They like to rock their and sing to them. The brave men on are They their will let to way save the they can. them drown. ship, if our boat in the men They ship. in the will not What owl. The bird has big eyes? Can an owl see at night?

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