Dinosaur by David Lambert

By David Lambert

The main relied on nonfiction sequence out there, Eyewitness Books supply an in-depth, accomplished examine their topics with a distinct integration of phrases and photographs. jam-packed with genuine dinosaur fossils, this brand-new identify replaces the long-running bestseller, Eyewitness Dinosaur, and contours desktop reconstructions bringing the fossils to existence and reflecting the most recent principles on how dinosaurs appeared and behaved.

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Troodon Gallimimus SIDE VISION EYES FORWARD Like a horse, the ostrichlike dinosaur Gallimimus had an eye on each side of its head—one looked left and the other looked right. Each eye saw things the other could not. This is called monocular vision. Between them, the two eyes could spot a predator creeping up behind. This gave Gallimimus time to dash away before being caught. Speed was this toothless theropod’s best defense, but its life depended on eyes that served as an early warning system. Narrow field of overlapping vision Field of vision of left eye Troodon had large, forward-facing eyes, so both could see and focus on the same thing at once, such as baby hadrosaur prey.

Saltasaurus skin impression 54 Large spiked lump Armored Polacanthus skin KNOBBLED DEFENSE This skin impression is a sample of the knobbled plates that protected the ankylosaur Polacanthus (“many spine”). Spiked lumps projected from its back and tail, and a bony corset set into the skin above its hips guarded against the teeth and claws of hungry theropods. Polacanthus measured 13–16 ft (4–5 m), and roamed western Europe around 130 million years ago. Mud filled every tiny crease in the skin, creating this fine cast Pitted surface BON< B$&K This bony scute (plate) was one of many shielding an ankylosaur’s back.

Small intestine Numerous teeth MOWING MACHINE SAUROPOD DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Nigersaurus had more teeth than any other sauropod, and these lined the front of its shovel-shaped mouth. Its lower jaw alone bore 68 teeth, and behind each pencil-shaped front tooth grew many more to replace the teeth as they wore out one by one. Nigersaurus was short-necked and could not graze on foliage high up in the trees. Like a living lawnmower, it cropped low-growing ferns and horsetails. Leaves swallowed by a sauropod passed through its long intestine, where they were digested into simple substances that could be absorbed into the blood and carried around the body.

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