Dialogues With Forgotten Voices: Relational Perspectives On by Harvey L. Schwartz

By Harvey L. Schwartz

Nice, well-written e-book on trauma, in fine condition

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As the content of one's world disintegrates, so the content of one's language disintegrates; as the self disintegrates, so that which would express and project the self is robbed of its source and its subject. (Scarry, 1985, p. 35) The resulting isolation and appropriation of the victim's pain by the abuser(s) further sequesters the wounded, tortured self, and makes the individual hostage to an internalized dissociative system of perverted power dynamics. In that system, constructed under extreme conditions and elaborated during the prolonged captivity of childhood, any proximity to pain or even its relocation in memory is prohibited—and the victim's own mechanisms of denial are often lubricated by the perpetrator's conscious attempts at decontextualizing and recontextualizing h i s / h e r experiences.

The brother took him to a neighbor's garage where there was "a surprise" for him, opened the door, pushed Craig in, and locked it from the outside. In an exact replication of his brother's initiation, Craig was gagged and then serially raped by various men waiting their turns. He was told to get used to it, told that it would be his life from now on, and told that if he said anything to anyone, he, his brother, and his parents would be killed. A few years later, quite dissociatively organized, he was easily manipidated by the men in the group into "recruiting" other victims.

Must you talk about that? I asked myself the same questions until finally I began to understand. This was a wall in my life, I say, a wall I had to climb over every day. It was always tfterefor me, deflecting my rage toward people who knew nothing about what happened to me or why I should be angry at them. It took me years to get past that rage, to say the words with grief and insistence but to let go of the anger, to refuse to use the anger against people who knew nothing of the rape. I had to learn how to say it, to say "rape," say "child," say "unending," "awful," and "relentless," and say Necessary Illusions 7 it the way I do—adamant, unafraid, unashamed, every time, all over again—to speak my words as sacrament, a blessing, a prayer.

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