Das Ding. by Bernhard Bitzel

By Bernhard Bitzel

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Henry didn’t like rain or snow or hail, either. ” Thomas said. ” But Henry was afraid. And that made Thomas a bit afraid, too. “Gordon! Henry! Thomas! ” called Sir Topham Hatt. ” Percy and James were glad they didn’t have to go to the mountains. They were afraid to cross the big, big bridge, too. “There’s nothing to be afraid of,” Thomas insisted, in a voice loud enough for Percy and James to hear. ” Thomas and Henry chugged to the platform. Gordon the Express Engine was already there. His coaches were full of passengers.

I’ll go first,” Thomas said at last. ” “If the wind blows, close your eyes,” Henry said. ” Click-clack! Click-clack! Click-clack! Thomas began to cross the bridge. Thomas looked up. He could see cottony clouds touching the top of the bridge. Nervously, he looked down. But the bridge was so high he couldn’t see the ground. A sudden gust of wind shook the bridge. This scared Thomas, and he closed his eyes so tightly that he couldn’t see where he was going. Click-clack! Click-clack! Click-CRASH! Thomas came to a sudden stop.

The people of Sodor couldn’t wait to visit them. Everyone wanted to see the big, big bridge. It had towers so high the tops touched the sky. And the valley beneath was so deep that when you were on the big, big bridge, you could barely see the ground. Thomas was excited about the new rail line. ” he said happily. Then Henry chugged up to Thomas. The big engine frowned. “I don’t want to go to the mountains,” Henry said nervously. ” Henry didn’t like the wind. Henry didn’t like rain or snow or hail, either.

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