Cyclic polymers, Edition: 2nd ed by J A Semlyen

By J A Semlyen

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Rotaxanes have been reviewed previously by Schill [143] and by Harry Gibson in Chapter 6 of Ref. 8. It is interesting to note that even cyclodextrins have been incorporated into rotaxane structures as reported by Akira Harada in Chapter 11 of Ref. 8. 24 Figure 24 - A line diagram showing the basic structure of a rotaxane molecule with end stopper groups. (xi) The possibility of large ring molecules and cyclic polymers having knots in their structures has been reviewed by a number of authors (see, for example, Ref.

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When was changed by just + 10° or - 10°, the cyclic was predicted to be absent from the sulphur melt, contrary to experiment. 35 nm, and were predicted to be present in larger concentrations than and again contrary to experiment. 03 nm, all the conformations became excluded. 035nm, substantial quantities of were predicted, once again contrary to experimental findings. In conclusion, it is the original RIS model for polymeric sulphur that gives large ring concentrations in good agreement with all the available experimental information.

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