Cu Organocopper Compounds, 8th Edition by Helmut Bauer, Jürgen Faust, Rolf Froböse, Johannes Füssel

By Helmut Bauer, Jürgen Faust, Rolf Froböse, Johannes Füssel (auth.), Jürgen Faust, Johannes Füssel (eds.)

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4. CH 3C=CCu is not affected by pyridine, bipyridyL, o-phenanthroline, and pure N(C2 Hsla [98). The formation of a CO adduct from CH 3C=CCu and CO in liquid ammonia is conjectured [101). CH 3C=CCu does not undergo the so-caLLed "Straus Reaction" (Reaction Type 5) to give CH 3C=CCH=CHCH 3. The onLy product was CH3(C=C)2CH3 [51). HOCH 2C=CCu (TabLe 1, No. 8). 2 M), a visibLe yeLLow fiLm of HOCH 2C=CCu is formed within 2 min. After 10 min a thick film is obtained wh ich is smooth Roman IR 2200 2000 1800 Wovenumber.

Monomeric Cu' or Low moLecuLar weight aggregates of n-C3H7 C=CCu in soLution are not capabLe of rapid cataLysis. The poLymericaLLy bound Cu seems to bridge the overLy Long distances between land OH in 2-ICeH4(CH2)nZOH to form IV. FormaLLy this reaction can be understood as a hydrolysis of n-C 3H7C=CCu to n-C3H7C=CH by HI [165]. (z= CH 2 ,CO) IV C2HsCH(OH)C=CCu (TabLe 1, No. 35). Like some other OH-containing copper acetyLides, C2HsCH(OH)C=CCu is readiLy soLubLe in aqueous NH 3 and cannot be precipitated in the mann er usuaL for Preparation Method I a.

1 51 CeHsC=CCu is characterized by X-ray photoeLectron spectroscopy (XPES) and by Auger spectroscopy. 9 eV corresponds to that Line) and the Auger parameters are discussed in terms of both the different coordination and the poLarizabiLity of the Ligands [346] . CryslaUographic Propertles. 1 A. The chain diameter is approximateLy 18 A [274] . An X-ray anaLysis was carried out using a coarseLy crystaLLine specimen [101] . Most of the crystaLs exhibit twinning on the (100) pLane. 8°, Z=16, space group C2/C-C~h (No.

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