Compounds with Sulfur of Oxidation Number IV (Gmelin by Norbert Baumann, Hans-Jürgen Fachmann, Alfons Kubny, Birgit

By Norbert Baumann, Hans-Jürgen Fachmann, Alfons Kubny, Birgit Ledüc, Brigitte Heibel

A part of an encyclopaedic reference on inorganic and organometallic chemistry, this current quantity keeps a sequence on acyclic sulfur-nitrogen compounds with sulfur of oxidation quantity IV. the outline of sulfur-nitrogen compounds with 2-co-ordinate sulfur is sustained with the sulfur diimides and sulfur diimide anions, their transition steel complexes, and radicals, cations and radical anions derived from sulfur diimides. The exam of sulfur diimides starts with the dad or mum compound HN=S=NH, and the sulfur diimide anion [N=S=N]2-, whose potassium salt can act as a beginning compound for the guidance of acyclic and cyclic sulfur diimides and their transition steel complexes. the subsequent sections of the textual content care for sulfur diimides bearing substituents on the nitrogen atoms which contain parts of the most teams VII to VIII. there are many examples of symmetrically and unsymmetrically N,N'-disubstituted sulfur diimides. the amount concludes with an in depth description of the category of N,N'-diorganyl-sulfur diimides, RN=S=NR'. the most value of those compounds is their functionality as intermediates for natural synthesis.

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J. re ro ro ro ro 1. 4384 [2] [2, 6] [2] [2] [2] e) f) f), g) f) a) Apparently based on effective Be values from [6]. 6961A [6], seealso [7]. 703 [8]. 49 (uncertain) [2] was based on an earlier Be value from [11]. - d) Basedon B0 from [13]. - e) Apparently based on effective B0 values from [6]. 7134 A [6]. - g) Uncertain value. Equilibrium internuclear distances for many electronic states (including the ground state) were also calculated by ab initio MRD-Ci methods, see [14, 15], and by full-valence Cl methods, see [16].

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