Complete Idiot's Guide to the American Presidents by Patrick Sauer

By Patrick Sauer

Whereas there arey a couple of overviews of the forty-one Presidents of the USA released for the juvenile marketplace, few grownup books offer a simple examine each one guy and his presidency, the context of his time and the most important occasions that formed him. "The entire Idiot's consultant to American Presidents" does simply that. you will know about each one president by way of timelines, pictures, minutiae and different info.

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to the American Presidents gives readers a concise and lively look at our presidents: the heroes, the geniuses, the tragic figures, the weak characters, and the occasional buffoons. L. Edward Purcell L. Edward Purcell is a historian with 17 books to his credit as author or collaborator. He is a graduate of Simpson College and the University of Iowa, and for several years he was editor-in-chief of the State Historical Society of Iowa. He has taught at a number of colleges and universities and has been a consultant to historical museums.

Whiskey in a Jar The Whiskey Rebellion in 1794 was the first example of the Executive Officer flexing his presidential muscle. In an effort to reduce the national debt (long before anyone heard the name Ross Perot) and to set the country on solid economic footing, in 1791, Washington authorized an excise tax on liquor, sponsored by Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. Page 12 The bulk of the excise tax on whiskey fell on western Pennsylvania, which was the hot spot for hooch production in those days.

One of the four presidents to die at the hand of a gun, McKinley took the United States into the Spanish-American War. 213 Part 4: Club Fighters 223 18 That Ole' Virginia Dynasty: James Madison and James Monroe The James Boys were part of the "Old Dominion" political legacy that dominated the White House early on; they each made major contributions to the early development of the country, but they lacked foresight in important situations. 225 19 Single Days Doom Their Terms: Gerald Ford and Herbert Hoover These two men unfortunately will always be remembered first and foremost for two single days of their administration: the day Ford pardoned Nixon, and the day the stock market crashed.

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