Ciba Foundation Symposium 97 - Better Crops for Food

Chapter 1 Chairman's creation (pages 1–3): E.A. Bell
Chapter 2 higher vegetation for Food—An evaluation (pages 4–15): C. R. W. Spedding
Chapter three dietary points of advancements in Legume Seed plants (pages 16–27): D. Boulter
Chapter four prestige of latest Nitrogen Inputs for plants (pages 28–48): Ralph W. F. Hardy, Peter G. Heytler and Ross M. Rainbird
Chapter five edition in and Genetics of convinced Antinutritional and Biologically lively parts of Soybean Seed (pages 49–60): Theodore Hymowitz
Chapter 6 plants Tolerant of Salinity and different Mineral Stresses (pages 61–82): Emanuel Epstein
Chapter 7 Intercropping reviews with Annual vegetation (pages 83–100): R. W. Willey, M. Natarajan, M. S. Reddy, M. R. Rao, P. T. C. Nambiar, J. Kannaiyan and V. S. Bhatnagar
Chapter eight a number of Land?Use and Agroforestry (pages 101–115): P. ok. R. Nair
Chapter nine An built-in ailment and Pest administration Scheme, EPIPRE, for Wheat (pages 116–129): J.C. Zadoks
Chapter 10 Maximizing Hybrid power in Autotetraploid Alfalfa (pages 130–143): E. T. Bingham
Chapter eleven New foodstuff Legume plants for the Tropics (pages 144–160): Nazmul Haq
Chapter 12 Germplasm renovation (pages 161–176): Donald ok. Dougall
Chapter thirteen Somaclonal version and Genetic development of Crop vegetation (pages 177–197): William R. Scowcroft and Philip J. Larkin
Chapter 14 purposes of Molecular Biology in Plant Breeding: The Detection of Genetic edition and Viral Pathogens (pages 198–212): R. B. Flavell, R. J. Kemble, R. E. Gunn, A. Abbott and D. Baulcombe
Chapter 15 Protoplast Fusion and Transformation (pages 213–236): O. Schieder, P. P. Gupta, G. Krumbiegel and T. Hein
Chapter sixteen Chairman's final feedback (pages 237–238): E.A. Bell

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E. the two problems are interconnected. g. see Griffiths & Lawes 1977, Bond 1977). Hanelt et a1 (1978) found a negative correlation between grain protein content and the percentage of the limiting sulphur amino acids, methionine and cysteine, per unit of protein. Although this result can probably be extended to other legumes we calculated, using the method of Penning de Vries et a1 (1974), that the yield penalty would be relatively mild (Boulter & Gatehouse 1979). Insufficient data are available to answer the question of whether there is sufficient natural variation available to allow the sulphur amino acid content to be increased by breeding.

The nodulating isoline of Clark was compared with its non-nodulating isoline to provide an appropriate control for respiration not associated with nodule function. The cost of nodule function was further subdivided into maintenance and N2-fixing activities by comparison of nif- and nif+ Rhizobium nodules using the non-fixing mutant SM-5 provided by Winston Brill. ), while the rate in the isoline nodulated with the nif- Rhizobium was about 100, similar to that of the isoline nodulated with nif+ Rhizobium before appreciable N2 fixation (Fig.

For the operation of nitrogenase and assimilation and export of NH3. This calculated net cost of N2 fixation decreases from 100+ g CH20/g N2 fixed at low rates of N2 fixation to about 6 g at high rates, in agreement with the minimum incremental cost based on the linear relationship between respiration and C2H2reduction or H2 evolution in an argon:oxygen atmosphere. e. maintenance) of the nodule and 50% supports activities associated with N2-fixing. The incremental energy cost at high rates-the most favourable caseapproaches that of in vitro nitrogenase while the cost at lower rates greatly exceeds the in vitro cost because of the cost of nodule maintenance.

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