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35 Such comments on tanks and air power, however intrinsically interesting, were a far cry from the wide-ranging memoranda on a variety of issues he had produced as first lord. This careful self-denial had its reward. By war's end he had gone a considerable distance toward reestablishing himself in the political world. His rehabilitation was sealed when Lloyd George made him secretary of state for war and air in January 1919. The general election following the armistice had left the prime minister completely dependent on Conservative support, and the promotion of Page 23 a "coalition Liberal" like Churchill was a defensive measure as well as a recognition of Churchill's abilities.

3, The Challenge of War, 19141916 (Boston, 1971). OB, 4 , Winston S. Churchill, vol. 4, The Stricken World 19161922 (Boston, 1975). OB, 5 , Winston S. Churchill, vol. 5, 19221939 (Boston, 1977). OB, 6 , Winston S. Churchill, vol. 6, Finest Hour, 19391941 (London, 1983). TT Winston S. Churchill, Triumph and Tragedy (Boston, 1953). Page 1 Prologue London, 2628 May 1940 For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle? 1 CORINTHIANS, 14:8. Why write another book about Winston Churchill?

His ministry's work in certain areas, however, gave him an opportunity to address themes dear to him. In late October 1917, as Haig's terrible Passchendaele offensive ground to an end (JulyNovember: British casualties 324,000, German 202,000; British advance, four miles), Churchill wrote a massive paper for the war cabinet. Ostensibly simply a request for guidance in shaping the 1918 munitions program, it reprised some of Churchill's favorite themes: a more flexible tactical approach and the untapped capabilities of the tank.

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