Children of AIDS: Africa's Orphan Crisis 2nd edition by by Emma Guest (Author)

By Emma Guest (Author)

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It makes them demand my attention more. When there were just them and Sandy and Sharrot, we would go out and have pizza but now with six more, I can’t afford it. ” And I tell them that if they feel I am treating my children in a special way it’s because they are my children. Sometimes I feel guilty … but I talk straight to them and I think they appreciate it. ‘Last holiday, Sylivia, who’s 18, came to me and said, “One of our aunties said that we’re weighing you down. ”’ Because the six additional children who have joined Sophia’s household share no blood with her, her decision to take them on was greeted with incomprehension by many.

TASO gave Rose the chance to go to boarding school. ’ Rose’s voice trails off to a whisper. ‘I didn’t like it but what could I do? If people came to me, I’d welcome them, and those who didn’t … I had to give up and study. When I was unhappy, I’d work harder. I got good grades. If you come up as a poor girl, what else can you do? You just have to take every opportunity. I’m always ready to learn. ’ TASO have the names of 200,000 children like Rose on their books. They have 259 staff at seven branches.

But if I had to choose, I think it’s better for an orphan to go to an auntie because she’s usually got more money. Also, grannies are bad at disciplining children. You never get fierce grandmothers. ’ Mrs Banda worries about her grandchildren getting into trouble, but she believes that she has found a method to keep an eye on them by insisting that they come home for one meal a day. ‘It’s difficult dealing with grown-up children’, she admits. ‘There are temptations. They like to roam about. But what I try to do to keep them in order is to always make sure, even if there is very little food, that I cook for them and that we sit down and eat it together.

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