Cash in on Chaos by Dr. Hans Hannula a.k.a Dr. Al Larson

By Dr. Hans Hannula a.k.a Dr. Al Larson

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Red Flags: Memoir of an Iraqi Conscript Trapped Between Enemy Lines in the 2003 Invasion of Iraq

"I was once a prisoner earlier than the battle; i'm no freer now after the warfare. " This memoir of an Iraqi soldier writing below a pseudonym makes use of "red flags" as a metaphor for army ambitions in the course of his country's invasion by way of the USA in 2003. He recounts his involvement in Saddam Hussein's military and the government's Baathist rules, which he less than chance of execution, and says probability got here as a lot from the suspicious Iraqi executive as from American invaders.

The real George Washington

Presents a detailed examine this guy who turned the 'father of our nation' and the 1st American President. yet instead of specialise in the interpretations of historians, the ebook tells a lot of his fascinating tale in his personal phrases. pt. 1. George Washington : the fellow who united the USA (a background of his existence) / by way of Jay A.

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Some, the column implied, saw the criticism as simply a ploy to generate publicity for a potential presidential campaign. Hagel, the Vietnam vet, struck back, writing his own column that appeared in the World-Herald, taking issue with Andersen’s position. Hagel holds that it is his responsibility as a senator to ask the hard questions, questions that “were not asked when we sent young men and women into Vietnam. Where were our elected officials then? Eleven years and fiftyeight thousand deaths later, we lost.

And now he was gone. Betty Hagel had remarried earlier that year, and she and E. J. Breeding, a claims adjuster for Iowa National Insurance, had moved to Hastings to start their new life together. Jim had enrolled at St. Cecilia’s High School in Hastings where he was quarterback for the football team. The first weekend after the football season ended, he and a friend from Hastings went to Columbus to see some buddies there. They had apparently been drinking and were on a gravel road in Nance County when Jim, the driver, lost control of the car and crashed.

If I would have had a male figure or a father to kind of shape me a little bit after I got out of high school and say, ‘Now, listen. These are the options, the consequences. . ’” He had relied on the 24 the early years discipline of athletics to organize his life, he said, but even that structure disappeared after injuries ended his football career. “So I just wandered,” he said. In April 1967 the wandering took Hagel and five other Platte County soldiers-to-be to Omaha. A drill sergeant met their bus and took a look at the list of names.

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