Case Studies in Industrial Mathematics by Heinz W. Engl, Ewald Lindner (auth.), a. Univ. Prof.

By Heinz W. Engl, Ewald Lindner (auth.), a. Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing., Dr. Heinz W. Engl, o. Univ. Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Wacker, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Walter Zulehner (eds.)

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Developments and Innovation in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture and Storage Technology: Volume 1: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture, Transport and Industrial Applications (Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy)

The fossil-fuel strength area and energy-intensive industries are significant manufacturers of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, contributing to emerging worldwide CO2 degrees which were associated with weather switch. CO2 catch and garage (CCS) expertise is accordingly being constructed for software to energy crops and in CO2-intensive industries to lessen the carbon footprint of those actions, so that it will mitigate the possibly destructive results of weather switch.

Industrial Applications of Adhesive Bonding

Lately, huge study attempt has been dedicated to the fabrication of buildings through adhesive bonding as a result of its sure merits in comparison with different traditional recommendations comparable to casting and welding. With bonding the necessity for tension relieving is refrained from, the lead time is decreased and the layout may be conducted in accordance with optimal ideas being able to bond assorted fabrics: for instance, aluminium to metal, plastics to metals.

Industrial Statistics: Aims and Computational Aspects. Proceedings of the Satellite Conference to the 51st Session of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), Athens, Greece, August 16–17, 1997

Dedicated to the transforming into effect of statistical technique and statistical computing in the purpose of this e-book is to hyperlink the 3 parts: data - - desktops. diversified components of commercial data are provided by means of a few first-class contributions. the next subject matters are coated: quality controls, engineering and tracking; reliability and failure time research, experimental layout; repeated measurements - a number of inference; pharma - records; computing, imaging and conception.

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2) is the unique minimizer of the form f(u) 1 2 a(u,u) - l(u). Proof: see [ 3] . 37 More can be said for bodies of revolution. The mapping Z: (0 1 00 ) X JR X [0,271[ -+ JR 3 describes the transformation from cylindrical coordinates to Cartesian coordinates. If G is symmetric about the x 3 -axis, it can be written in the form G z ( s x [ o, 2 n [ ) with s c. ( o,"") x JR • s G Fig. 3 The space H1 (G) can be identified by the corresponding space H~ 71 (S x [0,2n[) of functions in cylindrical coordinates.

Y and the density of steel as functions of temperature (cf. [17], [22]). Note that the density does not change much with the temperature, which justifies to assume a constant density. We now turn to the model of continuous (slab) casting we use. ByD, we denote the two-dimensional cross-section of the strand in (x,y)-space. one at t=O). The movement of the strand is modelled in such a way as if D were kept fixed and the casting machine were moved upward with casting speed v, so that the cooling zones move past the cross-section D.

4 Numerical experiments First, the numerical method is tested on a problem with known exact solution. Then a model of a turbine in a pipe filled with water is considered. All computations were performed on an IBM 360/44 system in single precision. 44 Example A: ellipsoids of revolution The surfaces 3G 2 and 3G 1 are confocal ellipsoids of revolution. The common foci are (0,0,1) and (0,0,-1). , see Fig. 5. G Fig. 5 The inner and outer boundary of S are uniformly divided into MZ parts, the number of subdivisions between inner and outer boundary is MR.

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