But He Says He Loves Me: How to Avoid Being Trapped in a by Dina L. McMillan PhD

By Dina L. McMillan PhD

Effective and robust, this chilling publicity of the psychology in the back of emotionally abusive relationships proves to be a useful source for ladies within the courting pool or these wondering their present partnership. opting for the qualities, traps, and manipulations that abusers hire, this authoritative guide aids readers in spotting purple flags early on, letting them get out early and steer clear of extra ensnarement. using a dynamic new process, the point-of-view splits providing a whole view of the situation—with the right-hand pages providing recommendation and easy methods to let girls to acknowledge harmful styles, whereas the left-hand pages use the alarming voice of an abuser giving suggestion to different males on the best way to take keep watch over of a lady via lies, finance, accusations, picking out her neighbors, and extra. Counselors, law enforcement officials, attorneys, and anxious family also will make the most of this important information.

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But what does not normally vary is the intensity and rapid pacing of the relationship, even with these men. For most abusers, the courting phase is incredibly uncomfortable. Most have a psychological need for certainty together with a deep-rooted fear of abandonment. These combine to make intensity the tool of choice. They are driven to get you committed and under their control as quickly as possible. By contacting you often and making sure each contact is as long as possible, an abuser will not give you sufficient time to reflect upon what is happening.

Income — in spite of the changes over the last twenty years, men still usually earn more than women. The greater the financial difference in your favour, the more she will depend on you to establish and maintain her lifestyle. Even if you begin at the same level, if you get control of the money this will give you some of the same advantages as earning more — she will be unaware of the family assets and will depend on you for her general lifestyle. Knowing she must do things your way or face poverty will make her more open to your training and influence.

Your lifestyle together will be dependent upon his earnings, not yours. This gives him power he would not otherwise have. indd 29 8/2/07 8:07:39 AM The Abuser’s Handbook question their man when they are told to do something. Ideally, you want a woman intelligent enough to understand you without thinking she knows more than you do. It helps if you have more education than she does — the greater the difference between you the better. • Income — in spite of the changes over the last twenty years, men still usually earn more than women.

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