Buch der Hasengeschichten; ein Bilderbuch by Tom Seidmann-Freud

By Tom Seidmann-Freud

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And we’d talked for ages about all sorts of things – our dreams, our hopes, and some of those scary feelings you think no one will understand. Only Diarmuid had understood. I told Aggie that what was so great about him was that we could talk about anything together; and when I got too serious he knew how to lighten things up, make me laugh. I was happy as I spoke about this Sunday lunch, until I remembered it was just something I’d made up. And then my heart filled with this incredible yearning, and I thought, If only what I was saying were true.

I can see it in people’s eyes. Marie is still waiting for some sort of reply, so I say, ‘It’s complicated. ’ Marie leans forward. ’ I think guiltily of my relatives in their finery outside the church. The wedding was on a sunny day. Erika and Fiona were bridesmaids, and Erika ran like an Olympic sprinter when I threw my bouquet. She didn’t catch it. It was caught by a cousin whose name I keep forgetting; what I do remember about her is that she has a post-graduate degree in business studies and, at Marie’s last family gathering, informed me that she planned to work in personnel.

Sorry. ’ She takes another call. ‘I slept with him,’ I say, as soon as Erika is back on the line. Knowing that she may disappear at any moment means I have to get to the headlines fast. ‘What? ’ ‘No, before it. ’ ‘I see. ’ Erika no longer sounds quite so reassuring. ’ I almost spit the words into the phone. ’ ‘Talk about not seeing other people. ’ 44 ‘For lunch,’ Erika points out. Even though I don’t think she particularly likes Diarmuid, she has a fair-minded streak that can, at times, be extremely annoying.

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