Boys Lie: How Not to Get Played by Belisa Vranich Psy.D., Holly Eagleson

By Belisa Vranich Psy.D., Holly Eagleson

Guys will be canine . . .

So ponder this e-book the last word BS detector. In brand new hookups without-heart society, this brutally sincere consultant unearths the most typical lies boys inform and the truths in the back of them so that you and your mates can separate the nice men from the bad.

'Everyone else is doing it.' 'I will not exhibit someone those pictures.' 'If we get pregnant, lets look after it on our own.' Lies like those get plenty of ladies in difficulty, in particular after they forged apart their doubts and make terrible offerings within the warmth of the instant. Written via psychologist Belisa Vranich and previous Seventeen journal editor Holly Eagleson, this provocative ebook units the checklist directly with a 'cheat sheet' on what men lie approximately, why they lie, and the way you could reply. by way of studying how one can react ahead of embarrassing or unstable occasions come up, you can be extra convinced and likely to take pleasure in more fit, sincere, and extra gratifying relationships.

Have You Ever Been Played?

Lie #8: i cannot put on a condom.
Lie #2: men are equipped to cheat.
Lie #17: i'm going to love you forever.
Lie #3: you are a slut if you've got had intercourse with plenty of guys.

Yes, boys lie. yet now you and your pals have the anti-get-played book.

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Why Your Daughter Needs This Book . . And You Do, Too Since she was born, you knew that it would be hard to connect with your kid during her teen years. You just didn’t know that she’d come of age in the midst of a total moral apocalypse of sexting, pregnancy pacts, and celebrity sex tapes. Or that you’d be competing with its four horsewomen—Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian—for some air time. Your daughter’s most turbulent years just happen to coincide with a particularly conflicted culture when it comes to sex.

That’s probably due to milestones that take place at this time like a prom and graduation, and simply having more time on your hands to fool around when school is out. Unfortunately, many people use their virginity status to prove they’re better or worse than someone else. (See “Virgins Out Loud” below). It’s also used as a sexist tactic to weaken girls’ power. Virginity is something that’s “taken” by guys or “lost” like a set of car keys. Or it’s a “gift” that girls save for the one person who can put a ring on their finger.

But when it comes to getting what they want sexually, young men will say anything—literally anything— to make it happen. Seriously, a straight guy will profess to loving the Jonas Brothers if it helps him get in your pants. We’re not saying all guys are like this 100 percent of the time. Nor do they “only want one thing from you,” as dads across the country have preached for generations. In fact, a lot of great guys say plenty of nice things to make girls feel genuinely pretty, sexy, worthwhile, and loved.

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