Beyond the Mountain by Steve House

By Steve House

Author Note: ahead by means of Reinhold Messner
Publish Date Note: initially released 2009. book version 2012

Winner of the 2009 Boardman Tasker Prize for mountain literature and the Banff Mountain Literature Award! What does it take to be one of many world's top high-altitude mountain climbers? It takes elevating cash for an excursion, negotiating a number of the world's most deadly international locations, pain freezing-cold bivouacs and enduring the discomforts of excessive altitude. It additionally capability studying the difficult classes the mountains educate.

This ebook explores these classes. He has been dubbed through Reinhold Messner as "the most sensible high-altitude climber on this planet today." Steve House's tale chronicles his reviews within the worlds optimum mountains, every one bankruptcy revealing a unique point of mountaineering.

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Literary Awards
Boardman Tasker Prize Nominee for Mountain Literature (2000)

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