Bambi's Children by Felix Salten

By Felix Salten

Meet the recent fawns within the wooded area: the descendants of Bambi become aware of the woods during this refreshed variation of the sequel to Bambi, entire with new illustrations.

Twin fawns Geno and Gurri are the youngsters of Faline and Bambi. The pair needs to develop up and navigate the area of the woods with the aid of their mom and Bambi, the recent Prince of the Forest.

But for younger fawns, the wild might be harmful. Gurri is injured through a fox and has a run-in with the main harmful of creatures: guy. Geno is challenged via rival deer and concerns in regards to the coming near near struggle. but if the relations starts to crumble, it's the regularly occurring presence of Bambi who attempts to set it correct again.

This attractive repackage of the sequel to the liked vintage Bambi, tells the tale of a wooded area kinfolk and the struggles of becoming up. whole with fresh illustrations from artist Richard Cowdrey.

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