B Boron Compounds: Boron and Cl, Br, I, S, Se, Te, by Gert Heller, Anton Meller, Thomas Onak (auth.),

By Gert Heller, Anton Meller, Thomas Onak (auth.), Karl-Christian Buschbeck, Kurt Niedenzu (eds.)

The third complement keeps the updating of the unique 20 volumes on boron compounds released among 1974 and 1979. the 1st complement including three volumes coated the entire literature uniformly as much as the tip of 1977, while the 2 volumes of the 2d complement have prolonged the literature assurance of boron compounds to 1980 and the 4 volumes of the third complement to 1984. the current quantity maintains the outline of boron compounds with halogens, providing people with chlorine, bromine and iodine. The compounds with chalcogens are accomplished the following besides these of boron with S, Se, Te and Po. the ultimate bankruptcy on carboranes includes the carboranes themselves, including metallacarboranes, and within the final part an outline of carborane-containing polymers, typically derived from the 3 isomeric dicarbadodecarboranes. quantity four of the third complement brings this complement sequence to an finish. it is going to be supplemented by way of a individually showing index quantity, which incorporates all of the boron compounds handled in volumes 1 - four of this complement series.

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BCl3and AlCl3 are used in Friedel-Crafts halogenation and deprotonation reactions of 1,2'-(BsHab and 2,2'(BsHab [67]. ) reaction of BCl3 with aqueous NH3 for the manufacture of BN [56]. When BC~ is passed through a radiofrequency discharge, BCl is detected spectroscopically; it is concluded that the latter is an intermediate in the formation of B2Cl4 [68]. [(CH 3bCBOCH3b reacts with BCl3 to give t-butyldichloroborane [69]. Errors in the calculation of parameters of BClJH 2 mixtures behind a shock-wave front have been studied [70].

The laser-induced reaction between BCl3 and CH 4 at pressures up to 700 hPa leads mainly to HBCl2 and CH 3Cl (and probably also CH 2Cl2) [333 to 336]. Photochemical products from the laser-induced reaction between BCl3 and C2 H4 have been identified to be HCl, CH 4 • C2H2 • C2HC~, C2C4, B2 H2Cl4 • B2H3Cl3• and B2H4Cl2 • The results are highly dependent on the total and partial pressures of the reactants. They were compared with the results of discharge experiments and of thermal heating [337]. 6 cm- 1) of ClCH=CHBCl2 gives an isotope enrichment of 80% lOB in the reaction products [338], and addition of BCl3 as a resonance-buffer gas is claimed to give an additional increase of lOB enrichment in the dissociation product [339].

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