Artemis Invaded (Artemis Awakening, Book 2) by Jane Lindskold

By Jane Lindskold

In Artemis Invaded, Jane Lindskold returns to the realm of Artemis, a excitement planet that used to be misplaced for millennia, a spot that holds secrets and techniques that may supply mankind again unbelievable powers.

Stranded archaeologist Griffin is decided to make his as far back as his domestic global with information of the Artemis discovery. He and his gene-modified local significant other, the huntress Adara, and her psyche-linked puma Sand Shadow, got down to locate one other repository of the traditional know-how within the desire that one way or the other Griffin could be in a position to touch his orbiting ship.

In the midst of this, Adara wrestles along with her advanced emotions for Griffin-and with the results of her and Sand Shadow's new bond with the planet Artemis. fascinated by his personal targets, Griffin is unaware that his arrival on Artemis has created unforeseen effects for these he's coming to carry pricey. Unwittingly, he has left a trail-and Artemis is ready to be invaded.

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