Are Capitalism, Objectivism, and Libertarianism Religions? by Albert Ellis

By Albert Ellis

Loose obtain: Dr Albert Ellis, global renown psychologist and founding father of the cognitive department of psychology, clinically determined and debunked Ayn Rand as a manic depressive whose philosophy is obviously dysfunctional. Ron Paul is certainly one of her disciples. Please learn his e-book, "Are Capitalism, Objectivism, and Libertarianism Religions?" the place he indicates the Utopian and self-defeating essence of her philosophy which she deifies into "good" and "evil". One simply has to think about the linchpin word, "the invisible hand", to determine the occult wishfulness of her and Adam Smith's paintings. background has continually proven that markets don't remedy something for they depend on assumed dealers and dealers with limitless time, mobility, assets and acumen to entry and learn markets and make judgements. Why do you're thinking that organizations spend trillions on misleading advertisements?

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For self­confidence (or self­esteem, self­acceptance, or self­respect), when it truly exists, means that the individual fully accepts himself whether or not he thinks he is highly capable, and whether or not others approve him (Ellis, 1962, 2001a, 2001b, 2002, 2003). ” Instead, objectivism insists that the individual’s acceptance of himself must be contingent on several other things, and therefore must be highly conditional. Here are some of the ways in which Rand’s psychology posits a limited, false, and pernicious concept of self­ esteem.

You claim that you’re good because you perform well, or because you are popular, or because God loves you, or simply because you exist. If you must rate yourself, then you’d better be sensible to pick some safe standard­­such as the belief that you are good because you exist­­rather than some anxiety­provoking standard­­such as the belief that you are good because you perform well. However, there is no necessary reason why you have to evaluate yourself at all. You could simply accept the fact that you exist and let it go at that.

Then, with this groundwork for true emotional security, they can go on (if they wish) to strive for whatever they would like to achieve in life; and will have a much better chance for internal and external attainment. ) One of the cornerstones of Ayn Rand’s philosophy is its deification of capitalism. In the main, her attitudes are unrealistic, dogmatic, and essentially religious, as are other objectivist views. Let me review some of the more blatant irrationalities of objectivist, capitalist, and libertarian economics.

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