An H.G. Wells Companion: A Guide to the Novels, Romances, by J. R. Hammond

By J. R. Hammond

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Whoever desires to comprehend the genesis of contemporary technology has to stick with 3 strains of improvement, all beginning in antiquity, that have been introduced jointly within the paintings of ISAAC NEWTON, particularly 1. historic arithmetic => DESCARTES 2. historic Astronomy => COPERNICUS: I=> NEWTON three. old Mechanics => GALILEO => HUYGENS In technological know-how Awakening I (Dutch variation 1950, first Eng1ish version 1954, moment 1961, first German version 1956, moment 1965) i've got the 1st 1ine, giving an summary of the improvement of arithmetic in Egypt, Babylonia, and Greece.

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I have to overwork, with all the penalties of overworking in loss of grace and finish, to get my work done. 3 Here we touch the core of Wells's attitude of mind. At the root of his temperament he was an unstable creature, driven by storms of restlessness and claustrophobia, which at times almost overwhelmed his life. 4 Lurking in the deep recesses of his nature was a tendency to run amok: a driving impatience with the world of reality and a desire to escape from it into an ideal world of his dreams.

Short story, first published circa 1896 and reprinted in PS: a rich uncle leaves his will hidden inside the pages of a book, but this is not discovered until years after his death, by which time it is too late to comply with his wishes. LOVE AND MR. LEWISHAM. Novel, published in 1900. Sub-titled 'The Story of a Very Young Couple', Love and Mr. Lewisham is memorable for its account of Wells's student days at Midhurst ('Whortley') and the Normal School of Science, London. LOYALTY OF ESAU COMMON, THE.

First published in the Pall Mall Gazette, 1893, and reprinted in SCU. The uncle advises George that 'a man should go very softly to a photographer's, and he should sit before the camera with reverence in his heart and in his attitude, as if he were in the presence of the woman he loved'. AT A WINDOW. See THROUGH A WINDOW. ATLANTIC EDITION. , London, and Charles Scribners and Sons, New York. The edition An H. G. Wells Dictionary 37 was limited to 1670 sets, the first volume in each set being autographed by Wells.

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