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To achieve a significant multiplying effect, MCPs are generally cascaded. A phosphor screen below the MCP converts the electrons to photons, which are then guided to the CCD by fibre-optic cable. ICCDs are commonly used in night vision equipment, surveillance and observation systems, X-ray image systems, long-distance missile fire-control systems. ICCDs have a lower resolution than conventional CCDs because they use an MCP and phosphor. Improved resolution has been achieved using improved phosphor deposition and a smaller MCP.

Outlook for higher Internet services are being developed that require 40Gbps and 100Gbps bandwidths, bandwidth made possible by large-scale photonic integrated circuits (PICs) with 50 optical components per chip. Optical signal processing has the potential to offer bandwidths up to terabits per second. Researchers are working on chalcogenide glasses where a lowpower light pulse can be used to change the material’s refractive properties. Photonic band gap structures can be used as optical switches to control light transmission.

An alternative method is fibre deposition, where the substrate can be moved away parallel to the laser beam axis at a rate equal to the deposition rate of a fibre. Direct writing and fibre deposition can be combined to produce structures such as coiled springs, fibrous scaffolds or fibre-reinforced laminar composites. Advantages  Materials produced by LCVD possess high purity and low porosity, excellent mechanical properties and thermal stability.  LCVD uses localised heating of the substrate not the entire substrate.

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