Advanced Techniques in RF Power Amplifier Design, Edition: by Steve, C. Cripps, Steve C. Cripps, Steve C. Cripps

By Steve, C. Cripps, Steve C. Cripps, Steve C. Cripps

The writer is knowledgeable in RF amplifiers. during this booklet he expands upon the guidelines awarded in his past publication which was once a most sensible vendor.

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As usual, our elementary textbooks from younger days have a simple solution, and there is a tendency for this concept to be stretched, in later life, well beyond its original range of intended validity. Basically, if the device is fed from a voltage generator whose impedance, either internal to the generator or through the use of external circuit elements, is made sufficiently high compared to the junction resistance, then the base-emitter current approximates to a linear function of the generator voltage, which in turn appears in amplified form in the collector-emitter output circuit.

This has required the application of some hand-waving arguments which seek to gloss over the major physical differences that still exist between BJT and FET device operation. 1. Unfortunately, the exponential forward transfer characteristic of the BJT device will necessitate greater use of numerical, rather than purely analytical, methods. It will become clear that the BJT is a prime candidate for practical, and indeed often fortuitous, implementation of some of the theoretical results discussed in this section.

It is another focus of the present analysis to explore a wider range of possibilities, rather than just following the conventional assumption that the main device is an ideal Class B PA. Any attempt to realize such a configuration runs into an immediate problem with the defined characteristics of the peaking PA. 2 Classical Doherty PA; current and voltage (fundamental amplitudes) characteristics for main and peaking devices plotted against input drive signal amplitude. 40 Advanced Techniques in RF Power Amplifier Design breakpoint, which in this case is 6 dB backed-off from the maximum drive level.

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