Advanced Inorganic Chemistry: a Comprehensive Text, 3rd by F. Albert, And Geoffrey Wilkinson, Cotton

By F. Albert, And Geoffrey Wilkinson, Cotton

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Programme1 Set up the multiplication table for the operations of the molecule trans but-2-ene. Apply the top operation then the side operation: E C2  i E C2  i 3. In this question you have to state the single symmetry operation of XeF4 which has the same e€ect as applying a given operation several times. The diagram below shows the location of the symmetry elements concerned. S4 What operation has the same e€ect as: A: S24 E: C34 B: S34 F: C44 C: S44 G: 2 D: C24 H: i2 Symmetry Elements and Operations 19 Answers Give yourself one mark for each underlined answer you get right.

Thus rotation about x is (symmetric/antisymmetric) to C2 . 16 Antisymmetric. You need a particularly twisted mind to assign rotations to a symmetry class, and you may need to ask someone to explain it to you if you are not prepared to accept it. : C2v E C2 …xz† …yz† A1 1 1 1 1 A2 1 1 À1 À1 B1 1 À1 1 À1 B2 1 À1 À1 1 x2 À y2 ; z 2 z Rz xy x Ry xz y Rx yz This shows the transformation properties of d orbitals as well as the x, y, and z directions and the three rotations about the x, y, and z axes called Rx , Ry and Rz .

39 Programme 2 C23 C3 ˆ  HH Thus  and  HH are in the same class The complete set of symmetry operations of the C3v point group, grouped by classes, is as follows: E (always in a class by itself ) C3 C23  H  HH The operations are commonly written in classes as: E 2C3 3 It is not necessary to go through the whole procedure of working out similarity transformations in order to group operations into classes. A set of operations are in the same class if they are equivalent operations in the normally accepted sense.

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