A Thomas More Sourcebook by Thomas More

By Thomas More

This resource publication brings jointly vintage texts by way of and approximately Thomas More—poet, pupil, statesman, kin guy, academic reformer, thinker, historian, and saint. as well as serving as an creation to More’s lifestyles and writings for the final reader, this assortment is a important spouse to the learn of More’s literary and philosophical masterwork, Utopia, and to the examine of sixteenth-century heritage, literature, philosophy, or politics. The writings concentration upon More’s perspectives of schooling, political concept, church-state relatives, love and friendship, useful politics, and the vexing problems with sense of right and wrong. They make clear the detailed Christian humanism that extra expressed and embodied. additionally integrated during this booklet are 3 well-known sixteenth-century money owed of More’s existence via Erasmus, Roper, and a staff of London playwrights together with William Shakespeare.

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See poems in chapter , TMSB. See also lines – below. . See Selected Letters, #, p. . 80 6 7 8 9 85 11 12 13 14 90 16 17 18 19 95 21 22 23 24 100 26 27 28 29 105 31 32 33 34 110 36 37 38 Erasmus on More, 1519 115 6 7 8 9 120 11 12 13 14 125 16 17 18 19 130 21 22 23 24 135 26 27 28 29 140 31 32 33 34 145 36  In society he shows such rare courtesy and sweetness of disposition that there is no man so melancholy by nature that More does not enliven him, no disaster so great that he does not dissipate its unpleasantness.

Whom when he perceived so much in his talk to delight, that he could not once in a month get leave to go home to his wife and children (whose company he most desired) and to be absent from the Court two days together, but that he should be thither sent for again, he, much misliking this restraint of his liberty, began thereupon somewhat to dissemble his nature, and so by little and little from his former accustomed mirth to disuse20 himself, that he was of them from thenceforth at such seasons no more so ordinarily sent for.

A Dialogue Concerning Heresies, Complete Works, vol. , pp. –; vol. , p. ; Responsio ad Lutherum, vol. , pp. –, , . . A Dialogue Concerning Heresies, Complete Works, vol. , p. ; vol. , p. ; Responsio ad Lutherum, vol. , pp. , , ;“Letter to Bugenhagen,” vol. , p. . . Responsio ad Lutherum, Complete Works, vol. , p. . Of course, as Louis Martz explains, More did not hesitate to employ “bad manners” himself in these religious disputes:“The justification for excesses on both sides has been well-stated by a later expert [John Milton] in religious controversy who expressly takes Luther as his model, arguing from the example of the prophets and Christ himself that there may be a ‘sanctified bitterness against enemies of truth’” ().

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