A textbook of general botany, Edition: 5th ed by Gilbert Morgan Smith; et al

By Gilbert Morgan Smith; et al

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The chapters compiled during this distinct assortment define a couple of equipment used to review plant mitochondria this present day, ranging from the isolation of mitochondria to certain analyses of RNA, protein and enzymatic actions. provided that the power to discover mitochondria’s precise good points is underpinned by means of present method, this ebook explores the topic from morphology to specific molecular mechanisms.

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2002). CRR elements appear to transpose preferentially into CentO repeat arrays or other CRR elements. , 2002). , 2008). Thus, CR elements specifically target centromeric chromatin. , 2004). , 2011). , 2005). CRR1 and CRR2 are full size elements containing all protein domains required for retrotransposition. , 2005). Interestingly, FISH signals derived from the CRR1 and CRR2 probes were more concentrated in the centromeric and/or pericentromeric regions than were those from the noaCRR1 probe. , 2005).

And Dean, C. (1996). A novel repetitive sequence associated with the centromeric regions of Arabidopsis thaliana chromosomes. Mol Gen Genet 253, 247–252. J. (1993). Arabidopsis thaliana DNA methylation mutants. Science 260, 1926–1928. C. (1997). Immunolocalization of CENP-A suggests a distinct nucleosome structure at the inner kinetochore plate of active centromeres. Curr Biol 7, 901–904. J. (1968). The fine structure of the kinetochoare in meiotic cells of Tradescantia. Planta 78, 379–385. , and Murata, M.

For color detail, please see color plate. 18 RICE CENTROMERES 19 Antibodies specific to CENH3 have been developed in a number of plant species. , 2003). , 2004). , 2003). Rice represents a rare exception in which several centromeres contain only limited amounts of highly repetitive DNA sequences. , 2005). These rice centromeres represent the best sequenced and characterized endogenous centromeres from any multicellular eukaryote. Yan and colleagues (2008) conducted a 454 sequencing of DNA sample prepared from antiCENH3 ChIP.

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