A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali by Gil Courtemanche

By Gil Courtemanche

The swimming pool of the Mille-Collines lodge is a magnet for a privileged workforce of Kigali citizens: aid-workers, Rwandan bourgeoisie, infantrymen, prostitutes and various expatriates. between those buyers is the waitress Gentille, a gorgeous Hutu frequently fallacious for a Tutsi, lengthy well-liked via Valcourt, a Canadian journalist and film-maker. because the attempt the water with a love affair, civil unrest in Rwanda makes insidious, inevitable growth. An immensely strong, cathartic denunciation of poverty, lack of awareness, worldwide apathy and media blindness. A Sunday on the Pool in Kigali is either a poignant love tale and a stirring hymn to humanity - a necessary learn for somebody drawn to unprecedented literature of lasting price.

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