A Spy's Diary of World War II: Inside the OSS with an by Wayne Nelson

By Wayne Nelson

Listed below are the wartime diaries of Wayne Nelson, an OSS officer who served in North Africa and Europe in the course of global battle II. A prewar colleague of Allan Dulles, Nelson joined an little one OSS after failing to hitch the army due to a imaginative and prescient incapacity, and he went directly to serve in North Africa, Sicily, Sardinia, Italy, Corsica, and mainland France. Erudite and a talented author, Nelson captured exciting observations approximately the most very important undercover agent operations of the battle, and his diaries provide an exciting, readable and informative glimpse into the lifetime of a undercover agent in the course of international warfare II.

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The greens here are oil colors — as opposed to the water coloring of Algiers and North Africa generally. Max and I go up into the hills to the Italian coast gun emplacements. There we are surrounded by Italian soldiers and have a lot of fun kidding them. Some of the boys come back from the town that evening with a rumor that the Germans are going to return and recapture the Island. If they choose to do so, it should not be too difficult. According to the boys, the Island is still full of Fascists.

Eventually it lodged in a lighting fixture and in a few minutes exploded, startling us to no end. August 20, 1943 We have news that P was captured. The story seems to be this. P went out with two teams. Two men were on one team, P and another were on the second team and a single G-I (Sam of G-2) was to be the radioman for both. They wore peasant dress over their uniforms and had a native as a guide. One team passed completely through the lines. After an appropriate interval, P and the others started through, not knowing the Germans were observing them.

Algiers 23 The first casualty we have is when a ship bearing one of our men goes down. It is a Corporal Boyd, who was escorting some radio equipment from America. The ship was torpedoed in the Atlantic and several hundred were lost. We begin to feel even more lucky that we got through all right. Another corporal, Shairey, who was in the same convoy with Boyd, arrives safely with the equipment he was escorting. All he knows is that Boyd’s ship was in the convoy one evening, and the next morning it was not.

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