A Plea For Mersey by peter moloney

By peter moloney

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He had to keep all his poetry for nine years to avoid the libel laws, and even then he was accused of having the knack ("speciosa felicitas") of writing poems that were `a bit spicy' ("merum sal"). Dr. Johnson, himself no mean slouch, said Pope would be remembered in 10,000 years' time for telling everyone that Queen Anne couldn't say "Tea" properly. He also wrote: The Iambic Parkingmeter Launched on the bosom of our one-way roads, Each car must pay, whenever it unloads. Een thou Great Beatles, who were here begot, Can't park without some money in the slot.

Be clinical. 9. If Bacon wrote "Pigmalion", Lamb wrote "As ewe like it", and Crabbe wrote "Peyton Plaice", what did Trollope write? 10. Write an Ecumenical Dialogue between the Vicar of Wakefield, Pope Alexandrine, and Rabbi Burns. - 38 - GLOSSARY (Varnishing Shop) Djafte = is it compulsary? Thass lass = the object referred to is the ultimate. Free pea sweet = sofa and two chairs. A round Robin = a pilfering expedition. Ee-aye-addio -= Amen! Amen! Whore yez versing = who are your opponents? Dale winyer eezy = you will be defeated.

Snuff boxes = there are sufficient containers. Relative pronoun = her mother. Carbon dating = courting practise of Beau Bromide. Polythene bags = mid-European old women. Radio set = attack every one of them. Poor, ailing and incommoded = broke, bevvied and potty. Anever lerron = I remained incommunicado. Cocky watche's braziere = night light. Sink unit = Drown, blast you! Lousy messup kickabout = scratch game of athlete's footy. Eliza Mury Ellen = George Bernard Shawlie. Blow da feralark = I hope the wind assists the little bird.

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