A Guide to O'Casey's Plays: From the Plough to the Stars by John O'Riordan

By John O'Riordan

An in depth consultant and research of playwright Sean O'Casey's works - performs and Playlets- by way of John O'Riordan. Touches on 23 of his O'Casey's works.

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To judge from O'Casey's own bitter comments afterwards, the play was certainly greeted with a mixed response, particularly on the first night, which the playwright himself attended; and at the end of the performance, he avowed in Inislifallen, Fare Thee Well: The audience received the little play in dead silence, in a silence that seemed to have a point of shock in its centre. Not even a cold clap of a hand anywhere. They all got up from their seats, and silently filed out of the theatre. He was the one and only playwright to have had a play received in silence by an Abbey audience ...

Late in 1920, shortly after his mother's death, O'Casey moved into a room at Mountjoy Square (the scene in the play is Hilljoy Square), which he shared with a Micheal O'Maolain (Michael Mullen), the original inspiration for Seumas Shields; and although Davoren is in part personification of the younger playwright, some of the attitudes and wisecracks voiced by Shields reflect those of the playwright himself. 20 A Guide to O'Casey's Plays Shortly before he died, O'Casey's former lodging associate published an article in Irish in Feasta (Bealtaine, 1955) describing his life with O'Casey and the Black and Tan raid that took place on their tenement on Good Friday, 1921.

I know the Bible from cover to cover, Mr Davoren, an' that's more than some in this house could say. And what does the Holy 24 A Guide to O'Casey's Plays Scripture say about woman? It says, "The woman shall be subject to her husband", an I'll see that Mrs Grigson keeps the teachin' av the Holy Book in the letter an' in the spirit. If you're ever in trouble, Mr Davoren, an' Grigson can help - I'm your man -have you me? The image of imp in a bottle is no deterrent to further pantomimic farce, and, oblivious that the house is under surveillance - and surrounded by English soldiers- Grigson breaks out into a drunken dirge, proclaiming his Ulster loyalties by bellowing out, 'Erin's Orange Lily 0'.

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