A Flower Fairy by Anonymous

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And his homework is never more than two weeks late. 4O He’s a genius! ” I asked. ” “No prob,” I said. I held up another egg. “Here’s one. Hatch Your Own Little Cluck-Cluck. ” Beast roared. He jumped up from his spot on the floor and tromped over to me. ” He grabbed the egg from my hand. ” He shook it hard, like a salt shaker. Then he crushed the shell in his fist. I watched the thick, yellow yolk run down his hand. ” Beast tossed back his head and HAWed. “I killed Stupid Chicken! ” He HAWed for another minute or two.

Dudes! ” I shouted. ” I reached into the crate and pulled out an egg. I had 144 eggs, and I hoped I could sell them all. “Get your money ready,” I said. I held the egg up so they could look at it. “These are special. ” That got their attention. They stared at the egg as if they were hypnotized. ” I said. ” Nosebleed leaned forward on the couch and squinted at it. “There’s a Stupid Chicken in there? ” “Five dollars,” I said. ” “Bernie, give us a break,” Feenman said. “It’s just an egg. ” I gasped.

I lowered myself into it. My knees hit my lips! “Sir, I didn’t make those dog barking sounds during the Morning Announcements yesterday,” I said. “I know it sounded like me. ” Upchuck rubbed his bald head till it was as shiny as a bowling ball. “Bernie, you’re not in trouble,” he said. 29 “Of course not, sir,” I said. ” “In fact, I have a very big job for you,” he said. Uh-oh. Now I KNEW I was in major trouble! ” I said. “Well, if you’d like me to take over the Headmaster job for a day or two, I’m sure I could do it.

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