911 - Decent into Tyranny by Alex Jones

By Alex Jones

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It is a carefully crafted speech as Bush throws it in your face about dark cults of evil getting power out of human suffering. President George W. Bush at the Pentagon Memorial: “The hijackers were instruments of evil who died in vain. Behind them is a dark cult of evil who seeks to harm the innocent and thrives on human suffering. Theirs is the worst kind of cruelty—the cruelty that is fed, not weakened, by tears. Theirs is the worst kind of violence! Pure malice while daring to claim the authority of God.

I don’t want to get them into court. I want to get them into the Intelligence Committee, someone who has the authority and the ability to go the FBI bureaucrats and say, “Butt out. ” AJ: I’m sure you’re aware that on the History Channel, they’ve been reporting for years, and its now confirmed, that we had prior 58 knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and they allowed that to take place. N. empowered, the World Court empowered. N. is going to get to take over the oil supply in Central Asia.

Every phone call in the world, at come point, is routed through Echelon, then routed again through Europe’s system, known as Infopol 9. Those fully aware that Big Brother is indeed watching at all times, wonder how on earth something like September 11th could happen without the government knowing about it. The fact is, the NSA had received many warnings in the years and months preceding the attacks of September 11th. The day before September 11th, the NSA intercepted two detailed messages out of Afghanistan discussing specific attacks on New York.

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